Hidden places for tickets bought in stores?

Losing a lottery ticket is the worst feeling for the ones who still purchase their lottery ticket in stores.So where do you hide it until you can go and lay claim to your lottery fortune? Here are a few really awesome ideas…

Keep Your Ticket Under Your Pillow

We’ve all heard about people hiding money under the mattress but do they really?A surprisingly large number of people from all corners of the globe, actually, believe the best place to keep a valuable or a delicate slip of paper is under their pillow!

Cash in the Door

You can actually create a great hiding place for cash in the top of any interior door. You just have to drill a hole and insert a metal tube that will keep cash and smaller items out of view. This is a great place to hide jewelry and anything relatively small and you can stash away some extra cash to save for a rainy day.

Mirror televisions

Oversized artwork gives you the opportunity to create great looking art on your walls and hide your electronics at the same time. Flat screen televisions can now turn into mirrors to hide the fact that it’s, in fact, a high-end television set.

Picture Frame Hidden Storage

Whether you want a picture of your family or a great piece of art hanging on your wall, you can use that large picture to hide a hidden medicine cabinet. Just install the medicine cabinet in the wall and then cover it with the picture. No one will ever believe that you have storage behind the print and you can use this anywhere in the home.

Hidden Jewelry Box

One of the most important things to hide is your jewelry box to keep those valuable gems safe. You just have to have or build a small jewelry holder and then hide it behind a relatively large picture. You can build up the frame on the picture so that no one knows there is actually jewelry hidden behind it.

Hidden Bookcase Storage

No one would ever guess that behind that built-in bookcase is a storage area where you can keep your valuables safe. You can easily create a storage space that you hide with a bookcase. When you need to retrieve the item, you just pull the bookcase out and then push it back when you are finished.

Secret Storage Sofa

You can build your own sofa and put some extra secret storage in it at the same time. Whether you need a new sofa for the living room or you want something for a sitting room, this is a great sofa and the fact that it has secret storage is just icing on the cake.

Bathroom Tile Storage

You can create hidden storage in your bathroom by simply removing a tile or two and making a hole. You then replace the tile and you have the perfect place to hide valuables that no burglar would ever think about looking in. You just have to remember which tile is the secret hiding place.

The Problem With Hiding A Lotto Ticket

The problem with some of these obscure ‘safe’ places is that people can sometimes hide their tickets so well that they forget where the hiding place is. Can you imagine anything worse than losing out on a massive lottery win because you can’t find your ticket?This is just one of the many reasons to play the lotto online

Playing the lottery online

To avoid all this worry, you should play your favorite lotto game online. By doing so, your tickets are held digitally, so can never be lost.

You will additionally receive an email confirmation with your transaction I.D. and all the relevant information regarding your lottery purchase.

In the event that you win a prize, your results mailer that you receive immediately after the draw will inform you not only of the winning lottery numbers in the draw,  you purchased tickets for, but it will also reflect any matches you may have acquired.




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