After 6 years of trying I finally won the lottery?

There are some interesting people, who were fortunate enough to crack the despite these lottery odds. Let’s look at 3 of them and know that luck can sometimes give you a luxury lifestyle.

Yamilet Torrez: Instincts can be lucky

Yamilet Torrez from Orange Country is a living proof that instincts can be true. She went winning prize three times making three a lucky number for her. Everything started with scratching a $100 California Lottery Scratchers ticket. she decided to buy more tickets as she felt lucky from inside. What was next, she scratched her next card and finally won $5000.

jubilant, Yamilet Torrez visited Santa Ana District Office to claim her $5,000 prize.\

She noticed all the pictures of other winners scattered on the wall while claiming the prize. This gave her an instinct that was waiting for something bigger. She bought scratchers from Emerald 10, ultimate riches scratchers and 50X. Scratching one by one, she finally scratched the enormous $ 1M prize money.

Number three is her fortunate number. So, what’s yours?

Bill Morgan: Truck Loaded With Luck

At the age of 37, Australian Truck driver Bill Morgan met with an accident which changed his life. He crashed in an accident and suffered a near-fatal heart attack leaving him dead for 14 minutes. , after 12 days, he woke up from his coma. This was not the end, he won a $ 23,900 lottery prize after this, capturing the attention of the media.

A TV station wanted to air his story, a miracle man who was not only a survivor of a miracle but also a winner of a lottery. He was asked to buy and scratch a lottery ticket on camera, Morgan played along and to everyone’s amazement and actually ended up winning $351,526 lottery prize on live camera.

Richard Lustig: Strategized Luck

Richard Lustig of Florida has been in headlines for being the man who won the lottery seven times. He won large prizes in seven state-sponsored lottery games from 1993 to 2010. His prizes totaled over $1M. He believed that luck doesn’t make you win, but that luck can be mapped as a win with a perfect strategy.

He also wrote a book, Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery, describing his experience and sharing many winning strategies. His book has a lot of helpful advice on the lottery that is quite helpful.





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